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04-26-2012, 12:02 PM
You also really don't need to give us a header with who is speaking. We can see them.
If this is true, then why did you comment about the emotion setting earlier?

Some dialog boxes in the show will have multiple people talking. When we played through the story, we read the script out loud it is helpful to the actors on stage to know when their lines are queued up. Also, when the actors play the show, they often just use the basic script as a starting point and most times change the dialog on stage to fit with their own personality. The identifying marker seems useful to the actors/roleplayers. So we put them in the show here.

How can one be rambling while directly reading from a book?
Dr. Siror was making a joke about his long story. At formal dinner parties, it is often the norm for the host to make fun of himself or herself to provide entertainment for the guest who have to listen to him read a story. That is why the host usually provides free food and a holographic dancer for entertainment.

it's Chateau Picard, not Chatea.
I spelled it based on how it is spelled in the game and on STOWiki. However, it is a typo.

Also, I would point out there that you did not capitalize your pronoun 'its."

...Why the need to interject that comment, when you're READING to us the text in question?
I have to go see where this is at to recall why it is there. Sometimes words are put in a sentence for the lack of a better word.

This has SO MUCH potential for a holonovel. It really, really does. But there is no interaction. You're trying to tell a traditional strong narrative via the Foundry, which I get, but this method is striking me as round peg in square hole. It's technically possible, but there's no... passion... in it.
No, the story starts off the way in Act I. Act I is all introductory story. The purpose of the act is to tell the player why they are there. Who all these people are? Why is it necessary for all of them to go on the trek? Who is Kaliena and why should we care about her. In that act we have to understand what kind of person her mother Paulina is and her father Dr. Siror is. We have to explain why all the shipís crew is going with her and what is going on with the ship in orbit. Are the people on the ship just going to sit up in space while she is on an anthropological mission to a remote part of Vulcan?

Also, I have watched several players read the dinner scene out loud with a ton of passion and drama. Passion and drama are internal to the individual playing the role. Also, how much more passion do you want from a dinner party where people are telling a story.

The major purpose of the dinner scene is to provide the background of Cthulhu to the people that have no clue in the world what that is. We staged it around a Vulcan formal dinner party because it felt that it would be neat to have a couple of Vulcan's sitting around a cozy fire reading HP Lovecraft. I think it gives the scene in the story credibility. We in this scene have to establish some sense in the reader that Cthulhu could be real.

And that is why Kaliena is important to the scene. She starts off as the skeptic and through the scene she has to put her arrogance in doubt when presented with the clay bas relief. The introduction of the bas relief is the moment in the story where the mystery begins in a physical way.

Dr. Siror reads to you the origin of the bas clay relief in the short story at the party, then the object is revealed on Vulcan which predates the object mention on the story from earth. This is why Kaliena says "fascinating" in her remark. A scientist presented with the situation would start to ask questions like 'if the story is fictional then how did this bas relief get here?"

The only action in Act I is a dream sequence.

But the purpose of the dream sequence isnít to let the player prove how good they are at killing people. Its purpose is to demonstrate to the audience in a short time that Alan Hunt is a dangerous person. The scene introduces the main villain in the story. And because it is Act 1, it has to be done in a way that teases the audience.

We felt that because the audience would have to sit through a long pointer scene in the beginning of this novel, it would be a good point to put a small action scene in the show for them.

Psychologically, this is going to be long enough to train the players to the upcoming combat later in the story.

The Act 1 is staged in a way that trains players to understand how things are going to progress in the show. So later on in the other Acts and Chapters, none of that is going to be explained. The player is going to have to remember those things.

Also, the combat in the show is purposely staged to be easy for now. Again it is designed to ease the player into how combat will progress in the story. Also, if you watched the combat in the dream sequence, they were not objectives for the plot. The player has the choice to engage in the combat or not, which is going to be the theme throughout the show.

Starting in Act 2 when the players get to the wilderness, the combat is staged where the player has to actually identify the foes and are given an option to negotiate peacefully or outright attack people.

However, if you come away with this should be a holodeck-novel, and then youíre not taking the entire story in consideration in your analysis.

Why! Does! The toilet! Require me! To Speak in all! Exclamations?!
Because your giving a command to the toilet.

When a person gives a command it is in exclamations. The toilet is a holographic person who can morph the toilet into over a thousand different forms to accommodate different alien needs in toiletry. When you go out to the wilderness to use the bathroom the TL6 Mk 1 is going to go with the group.

The player needs to know how to speak properly to the toilet.

Also, we felt that after a long pointer scene with the formal dinner, we wanted the next scene to be light hearted and funny. The next scene has to establish to the audience very quickly what kind of personality Kaliena has. Prior to this scene, Kaliena is pretty much upset and comes across sort of with an attitude. So we wanted to show that she is not really like that, which I think comes across well in the shower scene. Also, that is how Kaliena is in Star Trek Online. I think the portrayal of her is fairly accurate for people to grasp at.

[to be continued]