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A small nitpick; you can make the walkover objective a 'reach location' rather than an interact, so that you don't have to scan the ramp...
No, in play test with real people walking around when we did what you suggest, players had a harder time finding the spot to go to. People were walking all over the map.

When we changed it to the way it is now, people were able to find it in a short amount of time. So, your idea works well in your imagination, but in actual play…no one did that, even when I pointed out you could use your scanner to find the starting point and stood at the spot for people to know where to go, players would still go aimlessly around the entire map trying to figure out how to find the walk over.

Also, in this story, we are not going to figure everything out for people. There is a map and a scanner button to direct people where to go. And the actor told the players where to go.

I'm now even more firmly of the opinion you're barking up the wrong tree here. The idea of the novel is a good one, and I like the idea. I imagine that the first holonovels might have had this problem.
No, you made your decision before you even played the story. The only thing you did was confirm your own bias. You want every story to be for you and only for you.

The biggest one here is player interactivity. You have us run around doing these menial things, with the idea of them being ways to shorten any given info dump. We are given no control over the conversations (something fixed a little bit later in the story), and the fact that we're supposed to be this woman, while simultaneously watching over her shoulder and interacting with her as a separate entity shows me clear signs of the author or authors not being able to pin down just what the player is doing here.
The interactivity comes in the next Acts. In the first Act, it is not necessary for what you suggest.

Occasionally we're audience. Sometimes we're GM, and sometimes we're actor. There's no rhyme or reason to when we are what. And that's both confusing and poor writing.
No, it is clearly stated in the beginning of the story that you are Kaliena. You are only an actor here. The GM is a provided NPC at this point of the story. The story progresses to a more player driven story over time.

My one suggestion is that you remove Kaliena. Make her us. Now I'm not saying you remove her characterization. You simply give us the most basic information at the beginning, such as she's female, estranged from her parents, dating a bajoran admiral, pregnant, on leave... and let us roleplay her without being shoehorned into a particular run of the conversation.
No, in play test, when Kaliena was not there, people had a hard time following the story, she was added in because other players suggested putting her in the scenes.

No, if we did what you suggest, then you would not be the one experiencing pregnancy, the internal struggle she has to overcome with allowing her parents to be part of her life.

In the beginning of the story, Kaliena is a flawed character who is too quick to make decisions without thinking about the consequences. She learns through the story that decisions she has made in the past have led her to problems now 11 years later.

The point of the parent’s scene in Act II is that it establishes that all these ideas she is internalizing is just her own internal anxieties. She avoids her Vulcan training out of fear that she will lose her independence.

Anger and fear are avoidance motivated behavior.

We as an audience need to understand early in the story that Kaliena is a flawed character and we need to understand that most of it is her own internal struggle.

If we do what you suggest, you as a person standing next to her is not going to be able to internalize that.

Jake the Ferengi bartender who happens to go off on exploration missions to get dilithium crystals is not going to be able to step into the role. The role of Kaliena has to be staged in the show as the central character because it is her story that you are witnessing.

However, Cthulhu needs Kaliena for a specific task which she does not understand yet. In the story, Kaliena is playing the role of Pandora. She is filled with ideals which has led her down the wrong path.

The overall story plot has to be told in a way that the player understands how Cthulhu enters the realm or our Space-time continuum. Cthulhu affects idealist which Kaliena represents.