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04-26-2012, 12:25 PM
I missed your last post. >.<
Originally Posted by Klytemnestra
You say “can be” but you mean is “they have to be.” And that is not what Call of Cthulhu is.
Don't tell me what I mean. I meant exactly what I said. They CAN be. You have many examples in this story where they emphatically aren't.

Originally Posted by Klytemnestra
That is not true. There were many holodeck episodes where the Characters where specific people in history. In the final episode of Enterprise, William Riker walked around as the Chef on NX-01. He talked to the crew and interacted with them throughout the episode while still being a character in the holodeck event. He did not present himself as “I am William Riker because that is my character in the show.”

Data played Sherlock Holmes as it is written in the books. Captain Picard played Dixon Hill.

There is plenty of precedence in Star Trek for characters and actors to step outside their norm. Q sent the crew of Enterprise to be Robin Hood and Worf had to be a Merry man. Jayneway played the Queen.
We're having an agreegument. THIS above that you describe is exactly what I'm arguing for. I'm not getting it in your story for two very specific reasons:

1. When Data played Sherlock Holmes, the hologram Sherlock was not standing beside him, doing the actions and speaking.
2. When Riker was the chef, he had full freedom and choice of what he was going to say, when, allowing him to characterize a given character in his own method.

By eliminating choice in the conversations, by adding a physical 'Sherlock Holmes,' you undermine the role of us, the player, interacting with your story. We have no choice in the matter but to interact with the STO world through our character. We can pretend that that character is someone else, if you will get out of your own way and LET us.