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We combine all three aspects into this show.

There are times in the show it is novel, there are times in the show where it is movie, and there is time in the show when it is video game.

There are also time sin the show when you are placed in other people. There is a huge part of the story where you play Alan Hunt.

We are not of the opinion that people won't be able to follow the story using that format.

Much of the reason we do this is because the Foundry is limited to a linear story format.

When we use emote dice rolling later on for the love scenes and non-combat encounters in the show.

If we can make a large set map with staged action scenes we will, if we can save production cost by doing it in dialog we will.

If I had my way, their wouldn't even be bridge officers there. However, the game does not allow for that. SO to get into the personal story and conflict of Alan Hunt and Kaliena, we must tell it in dialog.

Ideally, if we could have told the story where one arc was a female and the other was a male we would have done that, but the Foundry is not set up for that.

We had consider making one version of the story as a female and another as a that a player could then know what to outfit for. But, it doesn't make much sense to produce the alternate version if the current version is still being made.

I think when this story is complete with all 6 parts, then it will be the time to make an alternative version for a male character.

In our shows, we get down into the psychology of the character, In Act 2 you are starting to see the beginnings of that.