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[Jokes] The first step to enlightenment is to just accept what I write as is...

[not joke]

No, there is no way you can come away with that suggestion or opinion because you have not seen the entire show.

If you have seen all 36 parts then you can make that statement.

It is like we are baking a cake.

I am still putting the flour and sugar together and preparing the chocolate to be used in the batter. And you are saying "I didn't like the way that cake tasted we should make a lemon meringue pie instead."

You have not even seen the plot yet of the story. All you know so far is who the heroes are and who the villains are. You have no idea why the villains are there. When act 2 is over, you are going to have a much better understand of the villains in the story.

All you know now is they discovered the clay bas relief at the ruin two days ago. Which is the 28 February. We have not decided whether we would make it a leap year or not. I am still considering it.

Plots are not introduced until Act II.

The wilderness is a two day journey where the player is going to go explore a remote Vulcan Wilderness.

Spelling and grammar.

Yes we strive for there to be no mistakes in the script. That is not realistic. There will always be typos. I go through the script line by line using the dialog tool. Then I go through the storyboard block by block to look for typos...and they still exist.