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# 199 Worst ever
04-26-2012, 03:19 PM
Joined KIT space elite to find a guy flying around with one phaser shooting off from a Runabout shuttle.
I was wanting the accolade and new then that this was now a waste, as this guy was not going to help in a high DPS STF.
I privately sent him a nice message saying, this is a team event and him showing up in shuttle will not help the team.
That open the door for many spams, he is having fun in a shuttle, what does matter, he has very high level consoles on board.
Later I get an email from the same guy saying I should really larrn how to play the game that he had a holo emitter on an escort.
I was teamed up with several of my fleet buddies and read the letter out loud, we all agreed they don't sell Fed Runabout holo emitters.
One of the guys in the fleet warped over to DS9 because he just had to check, go figure they don't seek them.