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04-26-2012, 04:52 PM
Originally Posted by mercuriciodide
There are a number of possibilities:

1. There is a licensing restriction. Perhaps what they use requires some sort of commercial software and it would be expensive to extend the license to the community.

You make some excellent points, all of them very relevant however lets take this a little further.

As someone who was once an important part of many of the older mods of past titles, I can say for certain that Cryptic is restricted heavily, even if they state otherwise as they wont tell you how much they are restricted or what I like to call being micromanaged by the lawyers of CBS and the IP. Now, I mentioned that I worked with many modding groups on different titles of the past that held Star Trek IP. However, during many developments of these mods, we would have to obtain permission to use certain assets and if they said no, they wouldn’t be allowed. Even, to the point of going after the modders, no matter how popular the mod was, but what they seemed to forget is that with these mods, came more revenue for those titles that went into the hands of CBS. Example, we obtained graphical image of a Borg Vessel, by and through the original artist and CBS got wind of it someway or another and we were told that we couldn’t use it as it was an IP element but we did in fact get permission to use it by the original artist that created the mesh and still couldn't use it. Therefore, that is just one example of many and while some will state well they were protecting the IP, yes that is true, but modders don’t make any money off of the creations.

Cryptic, will never tell us how entrenched CBS is, when in fact people like myself and many others from that of SFC series, Bridge Commander, Elite Force and the list goes on and on. They could tell you tails of what lengths CBS meddling does, to be honest CBS is a hindrance that has been the problem of acting irresponsible with the IP for far too long.

As for "Cryptic doesn’t want player generated content to rival its own in terms of quality", however I would disagree and say much of what the foundry has already allowed and the amount of what the authors have done, they have already out done that of many of the developers original content. Ive been playing many authored missions, all I can say is that while it isn’t on the level of modding that I was once apart of many missions are just beyond much of the original content. In a way, Cryptic has given the community the means to exceed that of the original development. The developers ultimately should be flattered; as it is an extension of their original work just as those mods I had worked on were extension as well. It hasn’t come full circle, but having a centralized location “starbaseugc” is the only way to per lobby that of Cryptic to improve the access.

Overall, I think that the authors lobbying Cryptic through starbaseugc is great direction and should keep up the great work as a community.