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04-26-2012, 10:11 PM
Originally Posted by carmenara
Why do you guys get all the nasty players and I get all the good ones.

Oh. I play in the wee hours of the morning or offpeak times as my network is much faster then. The losers are all in bed
I'm not sure about but I guess I have something attractive and bad players are always in my PUG
KASE. We started by the cube. I said "Hi". Someone said "hihi" and another said "Hey hey". Suddenly, one die. It was a Tac. Cube was killed. And we were 3 to fight spheres. Two went to the cube nearby the gate. When sphere were shooted. We 3 we went to cube. One of 3 players with a cute girl name said "10% rules". I answered "ok". The guy repeated "10% rules". The other guy who fought spheres with me said "ok". The guy with girl name said again "who doesn't know 10% rules?. No answer. We started shooting gen. Suddenly this stupid Tac went to shot my gen. I stopped at 12% and he was still shooting. Gen blew up. We did quickly to kill another gen. But it was too late. NAnites went and we fail the optionnals. Finaly we make clean the left side and we went to the right side. The guy with girl name said "10% rules". We started shooting gen. Suddenly I saw behind me there is no gen anymore. I shot mine quickly. The guy with girl name said. "good job". I said it's not me. And he said. It's the Tac. The other guy, the guy with girl name and me worked together to make clean the place. We heal each other of us not to be killed and we soot the gate and the cube. We ignored those two guys who don't communicate especially the saboteur. We did good job but it would be better if we work 5 teammates...

TCSN. We started. I said "Hi everyone ". No answer. I said "anyone who cares the Kang. Shout or hail if any problem". No answer. All went on the left except one. I shoot two nodes and I looked on my back. I saw two borgs. I went overthere to help the guy. When we made it clear he's gone and let me alone. I started have good exchange with borgs. I made it clear. And I said "It's too bad. There are 3 engineers in this team. And no one knows how to heal the KAng ". No answer. But they did it. Two engineers and I we fought and heal the KAng or any ship who needs it. We failed the optionnal but we did it. And nobody said something. When it's end up, I took my loot and I said : "thx everyone to share your thoughts" and I left. Really bad

Sometimes I really think I'm not normal player because I like exchange with my teammate. Just to know who do what or something like this. When all of the team keep silence. It's like playing a boring daily mission.