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04-27-2012, 12:39 AM
Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
Accounts are free now,so start up a silver, and use the doff system to level it up if you don't feel like playing. You'll need to get it to captain in order to be able to trade commander level boffs back and forth. In my case I've got VA's of all 3 types and I'm able to train all my non bound boffs securely and easily now. Sure you can't train a bound boff, but nothing stops you from having more boffs to swap in or out. The training without trading is something that has been wanted since the beginning but I don't think it will happen, so doing it the way I did is the only secure option.
This would have been fine and dandy.. But 800 day veterancy reward that I already have.. and the Lifetime membership... all the accolades.. and you know.. Borg Engineering Bridge officer being not trade-able.

Making another officer which I can allready make like 4 more on my account.. would make no sense at all, Let alone making an entirely different account

Originally Posted by Daidarabotchi
Or ask people nicely to train a Boff for you. I did it a few times, noone ran with it. An if they did? So what. They cost pennies.
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One of the great things about being in a fleet. Ask in ESD in zone chat, sometimes it works, i have done it before.
And I quote ... yes Myself (from my first post, highlighted for you)
Originally Posted by Daya
...a Science Captain.... my main engineer bridge officer ...untradable.
Not Tradable Bridge Officer - EG Bound to me only!

Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
key word in the op's post was securely, any time you have to hand something to someone else, it isn't secure. That's why we need a training UI.
Yes this was the point. To be able to trade the ability to train a single officer that is not tradable or a more secure way of training other peoples BOFFS without having to remove all the items or give them to a potentially unwanted person.

Originally Posted by ReginaMala View Post
Of course no amount of friends or alternate accounts helps if the BOFF in question is untradeable.

Aside; if ya set up multiple accounts, how are you logging in with both at once? A second computer, or can STO be toned down enough to run in a virtual machine?
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Originally Posted by Gypsy_Blade
Buy the cheapest boff off the exchange and ask someone for a train..... the good thing about space is traits other than efficient are pretty much useless...

If they run with it.. what do they get? lol
didnt read this did you?
Originally Posted by Daya
....a few thousand Bridge Officers ...Extend Shields III doesnt exist at all... anyweres..

.. only Engineer captains can train this.

KK Sorry about all that.. People not reading just gets Irritating after awhile.