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04-27-2012, 04:45 AM
The Hobus Star supernovaed which sent a shockwave through subspace. According to STO, which takes place in the canon, "prime" universe, this was caused by Taris working with the Iconians. Spock races to Romulus, hoping to dissipate this shockwave by catching it in an artificial quantum singularity, created with "Red Matter". He arrives to late. Nero, arrives back at Romulus, at about the same time, hoping to save his family. They are both sucked into the singularity created by the Red Matter, roughly at the same time. Something happens to them upon passing through the black hole. Nero arrives roughly 50 years ahead of Spock, in what can only be described as another mirror universe. Nero, who is ****ed off at Spock for not saving Romulus, waits for Spock to come through the singularity, captures him, maroons him on one of Vulcans moons, or binary planet, and uses the Red Matter capacitor to create a quantum singularity at Vulcan's core, thus destroying Vulcan. By extrapolating that Vulcan still exists in STO, we can assume that the Vulcan that is destroyed is one that exists in a mirror timeline, and therefore, not the Vulcan that exists in the "prime" or STO timeline. Ambassador Spock is now effectiveley, marooned in this alternate timeline, with no way home, as the Red Matter capacitor was destroyed, along with Spock's 25th century vessel.

Timelines are funny things. the only thing that determines what the "right" timeline is, would be the perspective of a time traveller coming from the future.