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04-27-2012, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by Daya
This would have been fine and dandy.. But 800 day veterancy reward that I already have.. and the Lifetime membership... all the accolades.. and you know.. Borg Engineering Bridge officer being not trade-able.

Making another officer which I can allready make like 4 more on my account.. would make no sense at all, Let alone making an entirely different account
.:p I didn't say stop using the account you have, I told you what I did that works for training my non bound boffs. 95% of the exp for the character I made on the other account was doffing. Log in now and again, use an exp bonus, and in no time you have a means of training all your tradeable boffs whenever you want without giving them to someone else if you already have a va of all 3 types.. That's the only secure option until we get a training ui, if we ever do. I even mentioned it not working for bound boffs in what you quoted and suggested getting other boffs to swap in and out.

If you don't want to do it like that then your only other option is to "Give them to a potentially unwanted person." as you said. In the meantime I did what you say makes no sense, and train my own tradeable boffs at my leisure