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04-27-2012, 04:59 PM
A guy named Ashur1 made a great quote when I had a tough choice for my KDF officer when he became a General: should I go with the Negh'var or the Vorcha Retrofit. Here's what he said:

Originally Posted by Ashur1
I like both ships but went with the Vorīcha Refit. Itīs more maneuverable and doesnīt have three Ensign slots of the same kind. But when in doubt, simply pick the ship you like the most.
The bolded is my advice to you. When in doubt, pick the ship you like the most and maximize it's abilities so you have the most fun you can squeeze out of its hull.

BTW: I went with the Negh'var and I never regretted it. Even when I switched to the Bortas'Qu, I never regretted my days in my Negh'var.