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04-27-2012, 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by Sakarak
I tried both, although I could go back.

I cannot use Hargh'peng torpedos because I only can craft them on my original Klingon. I tried to make one, but it was bound.

I figured the bonus to the four mine and torpedo launchers that fire on a regular basis would be better than the additional bonus to the bioneural and the transphasic torpedo which rarely fire.
You realize you can get Hargh'peng Torpedo's from the Duty Officer Mission "Obtain Experimental Hargh'Peng Torpedo Launcher"? It is a duty officer mission that is often available in the Eta Eridandi Sector Block. Usually it is obtainable through the Tactical Department Head in that sector, though it has from time to time been available through the main assignment menu. This method of obtaining the Hargh'peng is actually cheaper and easier than obtaining it through crafting, though it can sometimes be more time consuming.