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04-27-2012, 08:25 PM
Originally Posted by walkincrow
Lately I was having great success in PUG. Great communication, teamwork, and people actually complimenting each other

Well until today. Two terrible experiences that make me wonder why I play this game when everything is a lottery anyways. I really wish there was more solo play that offered some kind of worth while rewards.

CGE I'll keep it short
1 Klingon player, 2 fleet mates, 1 girl ( I assume), and myself. Waiting in lobby for shield to come down, no one is saying anything. Shield drops, 1 fleet player starts typing "USE OMEGA" over and over in chat. I have no intention of changing my maco set, especially when he is being rude and said nothing during the wait to start. The girl player explains she doesn't has an omega set. We kill first set of Borg. The 2 fleet mates are still at start and refusing to continue, they than come on speaker and start shouting "USE OMEGA" over and over. Klink player leaves. I am about too leave also, but figure why should I take a 1 hour penalty. I go ahead and start the timer. For the rest of the way the 2 fleet mates bring up the rear while me and the girl take all the punishment.

So with only 4 we miss the option and finally get to Armek. Just as we start the Klingon player returns, disconnected I assume. The 4 of us quickly finish off Armek and for some reason the Klingon player starts using obscenities and calling us all noobs. Even though he was absent the whole time and now will get some free loot. The girl was the only reason I stayed, she was communicating and taking everything in stride with a good sense of humor. So hat's off to her, I was in a far worst mood.

1 player telling everyone what to do, 2nd player telling everyone what he is going to do, 3rd player in a shuttle.
The player in the shuttle refuses to leave. I end up on right side helping with cubes and taking care of probes.
Player 1 is mad at me because he wanted to handle right probes. I didn't want to handle the probes, it defaulted to me because everyone else flew away and he is on the left side, so I have no idea why he is mad. Everyone is bickering back and forth, I just keep my mouth shut and continue to blast away. Player 1 ends up leaving. So 3 of us and a shuttle have to finish the mission. It was painful, but still pushed through and came close on the option.

Only good thing I can say is that I found allot of new people to add to my ignore list...
For the first bad experience, I would simply type, "I'll use whatever set i want to use. Then add, "Besides MACO'S BETTER!!!!" then put him on ignore

For the second one, there is simply nothing to say about the dude in a shuttle except, "What. A. Dumbass"