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04-28-2012, 04:40 AM
Originally Posted by Flywiz
I actually don't think that can happen. It's a matter of account security, I believe. It would be much more convenient, but, in the long run, improve security.

My initial thought was that this was a security measure, but that doesn't really work past the initial thinking stage. As mentioned above, logging and out repeatedly actually increases the chance of password theft and hacking. In fact, this isn't a login/logout issue at all. We are not logging in or out of an account, what we are doing is switching characters within the game system. If we never had to leave the system to switch characters, it would, in fact, be more secure. I play a lot of games and the majority of them do not require me to leave the game and log back in simply to switch to another character. If this was intentional, it was poorly thought out. If it's not intentional, it was poorly implemented and should be fixed sooner rather than later.