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04-28-2012, 05:18 AM
Originally Posted by Daya
The issue is that Cryptic wants certain very rare bridge officers that you get from events to be not a trade-able officer.

These officers are the Borg science officer, Borg engineer officer, Reman bridge officer, Android bridge Officer, and the Breen Bridge officers. Theres likely more to come as well.

The idea is that we need a secure system in which others can train these officers for people. Perhaps for a price even that they can set. Without have to actually get ahold of the officer in question.

This means a seperate window thats NOT a trade window but one that comes up and you can put your officer in it or pick from a list or something. And then they would see this Officers skills and a list of ones they can train it in. Or perhaps just simpler then that, just between the two players a list of officers that can be trained and then the powers the other person can train. And then it would only have to come up with a simple little window asking them if they would be able to.

The main issue here that everyone is forgetting. Not all bridge officers can be easily given to someone else because they can get bound to your person like a bind on pick up / equip item. The same for Duty officers that are Unique.
? where is it forgotten? I know I've mentioned wanting a training UI several times in this thread. There are 2 issues at the moment, one can't be worked around and one can. There is nothing we can do at the moment about bound boffs, but there is something that can be done about ones that aren't bound that folks don't want to put in somebody elses hands, and that is the workaround I use. Will we ever get the UI? No idea. I'm not holding my breath waiting on it though.

In your very 1st post you bring up both issues, bound boffs AND secure training.
Originally Posted by Daya
So I'm a Science Captain, wanting to get into a cruiser, but my main engineer bridge officer is without extend shields III and untradable.

So looking through a few thousand Bridge officers has made me come to the conclusion that Aceton beam III is far too common, and Extend Shields III doesnt exist at all... anyweres..

So only Engineer captains can train this? Why is there not some trade window option to get training for someone for energy credits? Yes I know that wow or something had something like this, but still. A feature that would allow us to train peoples officers more securely would be a much better solution anyways. This way you wouldnt be able to trade them and you'd still have to go track someone down to do the training anyways.

Think that would be a win win.. but for now I guess I have to find some other way to deal with this issue.
Perhaps you forgot. Main point is that I AGREE with you and I want a UI.