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04-28-2012, 08:21 AM
Originally Posted by milner62
I dont know if its been mentioned, I didnt see it listed in the tribble breed chart but apparently I have a new breed of tribble that others I have asked never seen or heard of. Its called the Gamma quadrant tribble. Apparently it requires 5 to 6 ketracel white before one will breed. Maybe its already known and the people I asked werent into tribble breeding but I thought it was interesting. I didnt think the tribbles would do ketracel and breed considering it has a health reduction to humans and other species other than Jem's that consume it.
Breeding the 'Gamma Quadrant' Tribble is more consistent if you use a higher quality Tribble. I used a 'Purple' quality Tribble (I believe it was a 'Crossfire') with 1 Refined Ketracel White and produced one on the first try...

'Gamma Quadrant' Tribbles are 'Bind on Pickup' and cannot be sold or transferred...