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04-28-2012, 09:11 AM
short term
more interaction in the ship interior. Following for example:
  • set a course to fly while sitting in the bridge
  • implement a hangar for shutles
  • show the ships status in the lcars visible at the bridge
  • add an stronometric lab to the ship interior (like voyager) (not only decoration: show whats going in galaxy!)

middle term
big change in the mission system:
do not set a specific time to a mission - for example the borg-invasion-mission: it is over when the borg are dead independend what time it takes to finish all quests. They usually do not leave before they are dead or evyrthing is assimilated.
do not beam directly to the surface: first enter the system, fly through a swarm of borgships to the planet - then beam down.
during an invasion theres nothing else than the invasion-mission the planet - borg don't leave things alone.

long term
bug-hunt: search, find, destroy (veni, vidi, vici )
when flying a shuttle, give the possibility to fly arround your own ship - doing so, give the possibility to find and repair damages done in battle.

one great step:
let the different fractions become a bit more real:

planets conquered by one fraction have to be took over again. let the fraction area grow and shrienk as the gameplay tells it to do. (to prevent a whole fraction from beeing killed: the waker your fraction is, the more stats you get in a battle)
show fraction-statistics.

one more big thing:

let the players decide whats going on - change the rang-system:

the higher rangs can command lower rangs: in game, this could mean: set the priority for missions for lower rangs.

star trek is also politic - which should niot be a problem in a multiplayer game:

implement elections.