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Or, if you prefer: "Night of the Living Red".

I know that Halloween is still half a year away, but who else thinks it'd be interesting if we had a mission where all those Red Shirts came back from the grave to get their revenge?

Raising the dead would be going a bit out of the way for typical "Star Trek Science" to pull off, unlike the emotionally unstable Vulcan clones from the Friday the 13th event, but I could see some mad scientist somewhere finding a way to successfully reanimate corpses.

But something goes wrong, and all the corpses start to rise up and take over the lab. The Red Shirts want revenge on everything that moves. They want revenge on the people who killed them, and the Captains who ordered them to their deaths. It's up to you to find a solution while you're investigating the cause.

It'd be pretty sweet if they made a "Zombie" type character model for such an event.