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# 1 A Good Ship Goes To War
04-28-2012, 01:05 PM
Thanks for everyone who's played and enjoyed and given feedback on the mission.

Some people were having a problem in the Borg ground map, not being able to reach the marker. That was a Foundry glitch on one of the Borg wall pieces. I've remaped that whole wall section and now should be bug free.

Also, some people weree saying that too many effects on that map and a space borg map, were creating lag. I now added an option to turn off some of the effects which should reduce the lag as much as possible.

Again, thanks for all the awesome reviews and I hope you enjoy playing it.

PS- For those who don't like to fly shuttles, you can do the mission with an escort (anything with a good turn rate) but I would suggest uping the difficulty to advanced to keep it interesting as it may be too easy on normal.

For those who think it's too hard with a shuttle even on normal, I made it as easy as the Foundry will allow me. I put the weakest groups and seperated them as far as possible. I would suggest flying with someone if it's still too hard.

Watch the trailer to the mission here: