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04-28-2012, 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by Element_0
Oh, I had an infected run today (space elite) that went the wrong way. We had a rookie pilot go wrong and blow a generator too early without knowing what 10% referred too. This happens sometimes. However we had a crazy russian throw a baby fit, start calling everyone noobs, and run to the starting area where he sat and called names at people still playing. I think he cursed us in Russian or something stupid like pig latin. I did report him to a GM for griefing an STF PUG.

I lost focus on what I was doing in anger and frustration and did a few dumb things of my own. I mean the noob went and tried to shoot the gens down to 10% while the nanite probes were active (which I couldn’t see at first) on the next, a hateful waste of humanity being a brat to everyone…

I had to quit as a worthless POS like that so called VET that couldn’t man up and play just be insulting to everyone in his “specialness” took all the fun out of playing a PUG. I did make sure he knew I thought him a worthless piece of **** first but still left the run and am sitting here angry, trying to decide how to have fun anyway today.

I am starting to wonder if PUGS are good for my soul. Game is supposed to be fun, win or lose you know? Not an exercise in dealing with filth… People like that ruin games everywhere every day and if I’m not careful I could become akin to them by turning into an angry vet.

Jerk had to be a Klink. Now I don’t even want to level my Klink today lol..
That's why you need to hang with another friend. That way even if things go south, you'll still have fun with a buddy.

Of course the ignore button is also your friend.