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04-28-2012, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by BANielsen
Ok, that helps a great deal, but as i've noticed with the Shuttle Vault event, it's usually faster to create your own game, as filling your own game with players take seconds, and waiting in line takes several minutes.
That might not sound as much, but since you only get one hour a day, every second counts.
So is it possible to create you own private game that is populated with your team first and then anyone else that might be interested (those waiting in the queue)?

Again thanks for your time and expertise!
1)team up.

2) open the pve que window by pressing the button under the minimap.

3) Along the top are 3 tabs: quick play, join existing, and create private. Select 'create private'.

4) Find the event that you want. In this case, the vault shuttle event will be at the bottom of the list. Select it, and hit 'Create lobby'

5) Give your group a name (i think minimum is 3 letters). Password is optional, but I suggest you use one. If there is no password, anyone who looks in the 'join existing' tab will be able to join your group.

6) right click on each of your team members, and select 'Invite to challenge group'. Once everyone has joined, click 'Start' and off you go.

Note: you can invite anyone to the group, even if they are not teamed with you. If they send you a /tell, just right-click on their name in the chat window, and invite them the same way. This way, you can invite KDF players as well. Cross-teaming is allowed for this event like the STFs.