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Ok I own a HD 6750 and when I set either bloom or shadows on High Anti aliasing will begin to show artifacts, instead of antialiasing the lines they get lighted up a bit or something, like alot of objects appear to have light/white pixels around them.

It seems to happen only with Shadows and/or bloom on..

When is this going to be fixed? Ive seeon someone else complaining about the very same thing but I cant find the post right now.

I've tried every recent ATI catalyst driver even the older 11.x drivers. Its definately a game bug. DX9 or 10 doesnt matter, same issue happens if I use Adaptive Anti aliasing or even with Supersampling.

Its not that annoying but its not supposed to be this way. Some things are not aliased at all it seems while other stuff just works fine. Seems to depend on the environment as well.

This doesnt appear to happen on my Nvidia cards anyway...

I must say I'm surprised that nobody else has noticed this before, since its definately not the drivers that are causing these artifacts, or most people dont play at highest settings?