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04-29-2012, 02:45 AM

I've been quite interested in torpboat myself for some time. As in process of gathering CP for B'rel i've planned to start with poor man's setup:

Breen set
3x rapid reload transphasic torps
1x cluster transphasic torps
2x transphasic mine
transphasic projectile damage tac consoles.

All either from mission or gathered as loot (nothing fancy as XII). Boff setup primally tac oriented since i didn't tag any science skills besides shield ones - with beta 3 dispersal (yes I know it sucks but still it's the only ships which it is not somewhat useless), omega I and 2x Tacteam 2x THighYeald. Scramble sensors, viral or GW - rest healskills.

Ker'rat is my point of destination - there gonna test it out - how much fun can be accomplished and how many feds rage . Only after that will take into consideration spending more on B'rel for already mentioned here build:
Aceton assimilation
Quantiums XI+
Topredo damage consoles
maybe harpeng

But that's a long way to go. Lastly anyone tried B'rel with reman set + plasma THY ? Any sense grinding vault missions?.