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04-29-2012, 11:11 AM
what you said about the borg invasion probably cannot be implemented, because then, with only a finite amount of borg to kill, missions would be boooooooooooooring. The event is timed for a reason. However, I agree with you when it comes to a space part of the invasion. I mean, there is a cube in low orbit. Why not have a set of assignments to do in space?

The faction thing would be amazing. It would be awesome if fleets could fight wars over turf, allowing for fleets to capture sectors for a steady income, the more sectors controlled, the bigger your fleet's daily income would be. An AI style pvp would be good too, as players from fed compete against klingon players (AI support included) over systems in the neutral zones. That would make wars more realistic, and the more planets controlled by your faction (Fed or Kling) would earn your faction discounts at (regular and dil) stores.