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04-29-2012, 11:44 AM
if you insist on a "set, to the jem harad series and get the JH set. then you can opt for polaron, though i'm not certain the bonus is working. as far as equipment, you want the power console for your weapon type. if youa re using phaser cannon it's relays for you. escorts use cannons though some like a DBB to help them "get on target" some swear by 4x DHCs, personally i don't feel it I like the torp forward. best advice i can give is write down the BOFF slots, then go from there.

for consoles you definitely want polyduranium armor. consider the merits of the plasma manifold for weapon power bump. remember you have the 125 cap
you said a lot of the equipment isn't available but there SHOULD be an analog at the mk viii level except the borg/STF stuff