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04-29-2012, 01:51 PM
The pets in general are completely useless, it's not just their AI it's seems they fire weapons with only dealing 2 percent their actual damage. That is all I have to say about pets.

The really disappointing thing to me is the multi-vector mode of this ship.
A) In cannon it separated at WARP speeds when the romulans stole it. In STO it has to get to a complete stop. I don't care give me smoke at the seams that covers my ship like it's in a cloud of theta radiation.

B) 10 minute cool down for a selected part? Does the bridge crew take that long to clean up the bridge or does the engineer need to fix a power coupling that blows apart every time a specific module is used? If the ship is below 75% hull, don't let me separate. If it's above let me chose anyone I want at my discretion. Make it more glass cannony if you have too.

C) The assault modules don't make much sense either. The smallest (the top) isn't the fastest OR most maneuverable. The Middle has less hull points then the top section, and that (the top) looks like the size of a delta flyer. The Last is meh, I don't notice much of an impact with running more auxillary power, and I never use this part.

Now, the Boff layout with the Lt. cmdr science isn't really enough. My initial impressions was omg an escort that can run Gravity Well Wow that will help my fleet run STFs. Practically GW1 with 122 graviton generators and 84 particle gen feels worthless. I even tested this out with popping a battery to boost Gravity Well and not even remotely the results i wanted. The only thing that works well here is repulsars but that's far too you have to be in the right place and right time in STFs.

I guess I'll have to spend the Dil and get the regular advanced escort, and enjoy the better tac layout.

Besides all these issues it's a wonderful ship.