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PS. The.Grand.Nagus is a very well respected member of the STO community. He is extremely active on the forums, very helping in-game and in the forums, and he has several highly rated foundry missions. You shouldn't dismiss his suggestions just because you disagree with him. It's narrow-minded and extremely short-sighted.

Why is it narrow minded of me to reject the alternative hypothesis? I do not understand why that "narrow minded" view does not work in both directions.

If my view which is "the story is the most essential factor to the show" is narrow minded, then why is the other view "they player's character is the most essential factor to the show" not a narrow view also?

Isn't the point of writing a story for other people to play to sit down and take a narrow view of a particular event in a persons life to tell a story?

A writer has to take a narrow view for the story they want to write. A writer crafts their story to fit the audience the story is intended to be view, read, or played.

So what if another author on the Foundry subscribes to a different point of view? They are at liberty to do that.

Also, I do find it encouraging that the negative comments taken for this show is not the story itself, but that the player has to play a specific role.

I am pretty sure there are players in this community that can relate to being a young pregnant woman who is undergoing some hardship in her life. Then is put in a position where life forces you to be someone you do not want to be. And life also points out you are not the person you imagine yourself to be.

I think it is a compelling story that many female players playing the game can relate to. In this show, we have a young Vulcan woman who is coming to terms and of age where she is going to need to make some hard choices.

I find it interesting that the people that have had negative things to write like "I think you should have used red paint instead of blue paint" are having a hard time realizing in the story we have a young woman who is going to be a mother for the first time in her life.

We have a young woman who decided to make quick decisions in her life that have created success in one sense, but they have created some hard realities in her life.

She has been forced to leave the war effort, which she loved being a part of, and in turn she has been put into a position to work with her father that she has had a difficult time relating to. She is scared and filled with anxiety which causes her to run away from her family and her Vulcan heritage.

I think some players are having a hard time connecting with the story is because it requires you to walk into another persons footsteps.

Kaliena in this story has mortal obligations she must fulfill. And, she is going to have to come to terms with the reality that this is not a "run here and do that" moment. She is going to have to come to terms with that her life is forever changed.

And that is the story. And that is why this role has to be played by this character in this show.