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04-29-2012, 03:54 PM
Anyone who thinks a heap of vertex is sexy should seek out real woman and get laid. I personally find that lame and juvenile and about as realistic as a porn movie.
Why would the old Vulcan prof "love" anything? It is not logical.
You think yourself as the director and the player as the spectator/audience. Wrong. In a game, you just set the stage. The player is the director. That is the core difference between a Video/Movie and a Video game. What you aim for is a Machinimia.
Modern houses have a separate bathroom attached to each bedroom. Prison cells have toilets in the corner. "Players loved it" I'm sorry, but the number of playthroughs and the score tells a different story. People don't care about the number of output holes and output types an alien have. And I keep a 50 steps distance from anyone who do.