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Originally Posted by Pendra80 View Post
Anyone who thinks a heap of vertex is sexy should seek out real woman and get laid. I personally find that lame and juvenile and about as realistic as a porn movie.
Why would the old Vulcan prof "love" anything? It is not logical.
You think yourself as the director and the player as the spectator/audience. Wrong. In a game, you just set the stage. The player is the director. That is the core difference between a Video/Movie and a Video game. What you aim for is a Machinimia.
Modern houses have a separate bathroom attached to each bedroom. Prison cells have toilets in the corner. "Players loved it" I'm sorry, but the number of playthroughs and the score tells a different story. People don't care about the number of output holes and output types an alien have. And I keep a 50 steps distance from anyone who do.
You suggest that Vulcans in the entire society of Vulcan are cookie cutter people. It was his wife Paulina that bought the hologram for Dr. Siror. Dr. Siror thinks of it as a nice alien entity in their home. His wife Paulina, who is human, is the sexy frisky one.

You are wrong. The player in this show is the role player. The writer and producer of the story is the Producer and Director.

No you mean, you do not care to know. Six other people share a different opinion then you do.

We are not concern with the people that do not like the story, we are only concern with the people who do like the story.

It is not about majority decision. Our what a majority would prefer. We are writing a story for a minority of players who do want to play a story and experience Vulcan culture.

And if Holograms were not sexy, then why is it when I walk through SWTOR I see hologram go-go dancers everywhere.

However, the HL-6 Mk 1 is not a go-go dancer, she is a housekeeper.

And I would point out to that you have not said anything negative about the story, your comments are all on products and appliances in the Vulcan home.

And you are wrong about the juvenile and lame thing.

No one working on this show is a juvenile. And have you ever read any real novels or any Danielle Steele novels?

I would venture to guess you would not even know who she is.

Thank you.