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04-29-2012, 09:42 PM
A more complex idea for some. But for me.. the easiest way to explain it. All of my ships use a more unified skill layout for certain things. A set of skills that I will not leave dock without, to be honest.

To be Clear. Engineering team I, reverse shield polarity, auxillary power to structural, Extend shields III
in that order actually..

On an escort I don't need a Polarize hull because I keep the attack pattern Omega around.
On a cruiser I have the option to keep a polarize hull around because I can use engineering powers to do the same things I would normally do with Science.

I can say this. I've had 2 years to work out that layout. Having Extend Shields III on my Borg Engineering officer would be a bonus to my ships overall powerlevels as well as a more unified layout that I have done allready with a .. lesser.. officer.