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Originally Posted by Forgotten-Nemesis View Post
Woe unto those with average talent who fancy themselves to be Renaissance artists.

Klytemnestra is obviously in love with her creation. She asks for feedback then rejects honest criticism offered with the best intent, as if nobody but her knows the best way to present this story. She reminds me of Ed Wood.

The story is awful to play through for all the reasons expounded by previous posters. Klytemnestra needs to start accepting that the negative feedback has some merit or she'll only succeed in attracting even more flak over her mess of a holonovel.
  • You bet I love my creation. Call of Cthulhu will never be a CCS style mission, you just need to accept that as reality.
  • I did not ask for feedback. I only posted that Call of Cthulhu was out and ready for play. Then other people leaped in and demanded that I had to make the story how they prescribe. I simply replied that I do not.
  • That is correct, no one but me knows how to present the story I am writing because I am the one along with Joanna who wrote the story. It is real arrogance to tell someone else how they must write their own story.
  • You did not state any reasons that pertain to the story because the story as a whole is to complex for you to grasp. However, once all 6 parts are complete it will be obvious why this story could not be told in the manner a few people demand that it should be told in. By my count it is only 4 people now.
  • I never asked anyone to tell me in what method I should distribute Call of Cthulhu, and I do not need to all my stories are rock solid.
  • If people want to give advice, I am okay with that. However, I do not have to take the advice.

Also, I do not know what a "Renaissance artists" means or implies. Off hand I would venture to guess it means a rebirth or renewal. Also, I do not believe in artists. I learned that in an Aesthetics class I took in college. Artist are all fakes. They produce things that have no practical use in society.

For example, an artist who paints is a poor painter who has talent to paint but lacks the skill to be a professional painter.

Thank you