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04-30-2012, 12:23 AM
So what you're saying is that you're going to ignore honest critique trying to help you become a better, more widely known foundry author by fixing what several people believe to be issues with your story, in preference of only listening to these five people who like the mission?
Yes, our goal is not be the most popular people on the planet.

Our goal and purpose was to write a novel story based on a table-top role play game not a MMO (which means nothing by the way, that is FPS speak), the game is a MMORPG.

And anyone who cannot write the acronym MMORPG correctly when giving a critique on my post, I will never accept their opinions because they are not role players. What they produce on the Foundry are events and not stories.

Unless your story has the 5 principle parts of a story, we use 6 parts, and if you do not have defined characters that have feelings and can relate to other people in a non-combative manner, I will never take advice from that type of player.

Our goal with Call of Cthulhu is to write a story around one character who plays one role in this one story. And to put her into a compelling story that people who like these kinds of stories can relate to and have fun reading the dialog with a group of five people.

The purpose of Call of Cthulhu is to avoid writing a story the fits every type of character in the game. This story is designed for one type of character to play one role. Our overall goal moving forward is to produce specific stories for specific type of characters and roles. We have cognitively decided to move away from the one size fit all genre.

We love suggestions and critique if they have merit.

But if your suggestions are to move us in the direction of turning Call of Cthulhu into a CCS type mission or a one size fits all event, then your advice has no merit.

It is like we are making a pizza for people who love meat, and you are continuing to tell us we have to make a vegetarian pizza because we have to make a pizza that everyone must accept or like.

We say he## no!.

That is exactly the type of story we are going out of our way to make.

Also, no where in this article nor in the ones I released announcing that Call of Cthulhu is out and ready to be played do I ask for suggestion or help in making a story.

If people want to leave their opinions I am fine with that. But I am not obligated to do anything other people suggest.

I put the information in the opening information about Call of Cthulhu that you will be the character Kaliena for a reason. That was to let people who cannot make the leap not to waste their time.