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# 49 No it is not...
04-30-2012, 01:38 AM
So what are they, a conspiracy of Gallery Directors?

A professional painter paints rooms a single color.

An artist, if he's good enough, can paint hope. It's a form of communication. To say that art has no practical use in society is to both disavow everything that humans are as social creatures, and to in a broad stroke render the work of Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Picasso, Clemens, Poe, Kipling, and all other authors and painters, sculptors and actors as hacks.

Incidentally, Call of Cthulu is a work of art. Your foundry mission is, arguably, a work of art.

We're trying to help you grow, to gain in skill by taking our responses to make your work better through critique.
Hope is an intangible thing. In fact hope was one of the spites that Zeus unleashed onto the world when Pandora opened the box and released the seven spites onto mankind. Hope was the only spite that did not leave the box. But all pagans know that hope and fear are two sides of the same coin. The nine slot in a celtic cross configuration in a Tarot card reading.

Yes they are all hacks.

Shakespeare didn't write anything originally, he took Greek plays that had been around for thousands of years and wrote them in English. In fact, when he wrote his plays, he did not write them for the upper class of society because he was consider in his day to be a bum by upper society.

Michelangelo was a hack.

Even HP Lovecraft in his day was not consider a great writer or even an artist. He only becomes known because after the 1960s when the colleges in the US are overrun by liberals and force people to read HP Lovecraft in a Literature course. Which is why his stories are out of print now.

An actor is a person who gets paid for pretending to be another person. For example, Tom Cruise as an actor is known for his role in the movie Top Gun, but in real life, he has no idea how to be a fighter pilot.