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Originally Posted by stargate525 View Post

So you haven't played my mission... I'm fairly certain, anyway.

You make snap judgements about someone because they prefer to use a more all-encompassing term like MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online [game is implied]) instead of specifically an RPG version of it.

You bandy about terms such as the five elements of drama, not realizing that the form to which they refer is over 1000 years out of date, while not understanding what a Renaissance Man is.

You have displayed nothing but arrogance and contempt for your players, who are trying to help you make a better mission, while still conforming to your goals.

Congrats, you've won, it's no longer worth my time trying to get you to understand my critique.
When I review Foundry stories, I do not look at who wrote them because it does not matter. I take the event or story as the mission was intended to be. I do not even mark a story negative because it has typos.

I look at:

1. Is there a story here?
2. Did the writer intend for there to be a story here?
3. Is this designed to be a straight up action story?
4. Was the event or story fun?
5. Was the story or event interesting?

You keep saying you are done and goodbye, but you keep coming back.

Arrogant is a yes. Content for players is a no. I target my stories for a specific audience. Then I put one hundred percent of my effort to make the story for that group of players.

I made no snap judgement. I believe in principles. I know what I am attempting to do and I know for what reasons I want to write the stories that I do. If a writer cannot use the term MMORPG then they are not real role players and I will not tailor my stories to fit them. that is a principle and not a judgement.

The 5 elements of a story has never been out of date. You need it to be out of date to justify what you do.

In the acronym MMO, the game is not implied. Massive multiplayer online are adjectives. Without the noun they refer to they mean nothing. People do not write stories and specifically leave out the RPG part. People who have no intent of writing a story leave out the rpg part because they do not care to write a story.

Also, arrogant people do not need to seek to be loved by all because they already know they are loved by all. I am a Leo and we are arrogant, pompous, and fixed in our opinions because in the end when all is said and done, we are always right. Because we do things based on principles.

My stories have one thing that you are incapable of creating in a story, my stories have heart and spirit in them. They are based on love and not hate...and that is why you cannot relate.

We are in the Emily Dickinson and Charles Addam (Addams has 2 D's) style of story telling.

Thank you.