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04-30-2012, 04:09 AM
Originally Posted by caliban149
My solution would be to unbind the tech drops from the missions. . . i.e. when you get a tech drop in any of the 3 space STF's it can be any of the 3 space Techs.
But then no one would ever play anything but infected as it can be knocked off in 15 minutes with no chance of failure.
I thought about that too. the only problem therein however would be getting duplicate tech pieces. Now, perhaps if Roxy were willing to trade tech pieces, one for another of the same quality, that may not be so bad.

As for people grinding lower tier STF's in order to get the pieces, to what end? In the case of my suggestion, i.e. you can get them with "chips," that would sacrifice greater time. In my opinion the tech drop quality is fine as is. Elites should only drop prototype tech, norms still common to rare, etc. So yes, you could grind Infected Space (Normal) over and over if you wished, but you'd still only get one chip per success. Meaning if say the prototype tech was sold by Roxy for 60 "chips," that's potentially sixty Infected sessions. Half of that with elite sessions. Besides, I doubt Admiral B'Vak would lose any sleep one way or another. The man wants dead Borg lol. Weak Borg, strong Borg, short Borg, fat Borg, etc.