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04-30-2012, 05:42 AM
Yes, I'd like to see some improvements. I have real problems working with the Klingon HUD...

The red has less contrast overall to all the other red stuff in Klingon space, and it's also a rather dark red, leading to a bad contrast.

Also, having to distinguish red and orange colors to identify friend from foe is something that Klingons may easily do (since they presumably see in a different range then humans do), but for me, it sucks greatly.

I would prefer more customziabl UI here. Ideally, hostile/Fed ships simply would appear blue. That would already improve a lot even if there was no customization option at all. (Better if people could still switch between old and new, though, since some people seem to like it).

Then, we can probably go into a Fed/KDF neutral territory and adjust the BO power colors:
  • Tactical = Red
  • Science = Blue
  • Engineering = Yellow

I've seen screenshots of people that modded their UI like that and it is really a big improvement.

Maybe they could sell it via a lockbox? Would that be enough incentive for Cryptic?