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04-30-2012, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by kevin2410 View Post
The only real idea I could come up personally would be an option withing the mission to "report" such tactics (you could even call it "Conduct unbecoming an officer"), if ALL 4 of the rest of the team hit the report option on a player then they get removed from that game (I would rather try to carry on with only 4 than have them there) and they are banned for ALL STFs for a longer period, somewhere between 6-24 hours.
Kevin, I know what you are going thru, because I used to go thru the same problem. Where someone on the team was either a Greifer, couldn’t speak the language, shouldn’t be in an Elite, or whatever. Ever since I came across the STF chat channels in STO my experiences in the STF have gotten a lot better.

PUG an STF and it can be nothing but trouble and can also be very educational, but a private fleet action has three benefits, I’ll only tell you two of them, 1.) You can invite people you want to invite from the STF Chat Channel or wherever, 2.) If someone you invite from the STF Chat Channel turns out to be a Greifer or just doesn’t listen to anything you can put them on ignore and you will never see them in the STF Chat Channel again (But I usually never do this.), and 3.) I’ll keep that one to myself.

Reporting anyone for "Conduct unbecoming an officer", would be abused just like the “Report Spam” is already abused. It is a good idea, but where there are people that would Greif, you would also have people who would falsely report people just because they disagree with each other.

Reporting anyone for anything can be and is abused like in the foundry mission “Report Violation” or in chat “Report Spam”, this one has been done to me a couple of times and once that I know of was by my former fleet that was a little p1$$ed I left and the fleet leader had himself and few others report me as spam, so I find myself silenced for 24 hours after not chatting at all and not doing anything wrong.

So reporting anyone for anything will be abused; example “Oh that user took two seconds longer then they should have, everyone report the user for “Conduct unbecoming an officer.””

I am sorry you are having some bad experiences in the STF, but reporting anyone would be abused.