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04-30-2012, 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by Shar487
There is a good deal of synergy when combining AoE attacks like CSV and TS with Attack Pattern Beta 3. My damage output (along with everyone else attacking my present targets) dramatically increases thanks to AP-Beta's -50% damage resist debuff. Unfortunately that leaves my ship vulnerable to borg tractor beams + High Yield Torpedo 1-shots, but tractor beam repulsors easily defeats the latter thanks to its short 30-sec cooldown time.
I can't check in-game, and I keep forgetting to, but is APB 3 actually -50% resistance or is it -50 resistance?

What I mean is, in the same way that a Neutronium MK XI Rare isn't +18% resistance and is instead +18 resistance which then gets calculated as part of your total resistance bonus* to give us the percentage we see in game - does APB simply subtract from the target's resistance bonus total, or does it actual reduce the target's resistance by a straight percentage?

*Resistance = 1 (1 / (1 + Total Resist Bonus)