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04-30-2012, 11:34 AM
Mission is not currently available to play in the Foundry.
I was going to give the "different style" / Holo Novel approach a chance.
When the mission is available, I probably still will.

I will say, expect no feedback or detailed criticism from me, because as evidenced by this thread, you are unwilling to hear anything but people saying how great it is.

i will play the mission. I will judge it fairly. i will give it a rating and I will simply move on.
Most Foundry authors I have come across appreciate the feedback of the community around them, as a way to help improve their own storytelling and Foundry skills.
You are (as evidenced by MANY things you have said above) NOT such an author.

I will either like your creation (which will mean my opinion will be listened to) OR I may find fault with your creation in which case (like others who try and help you) I will be totally ignored.

I will repeat what i said in the 3rd post of this thread.
Ignoring that this is a video game in which I have created MY character to play through missions, and forcing me into the role of YOUR character, is a HUGE detraction from my anticipated enjoyment of the mission.