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04-30-2012, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by slurmer
Im a tac officer (pls include this info) and im trialling the below, not tested dps but I have noted this ship can take huge amounts of damage.

Tac team 1, beam overload 2, APO2
Tac team 1
Eptw, epts, aux2sif2, rsp3
Eptw, epts, es
He, tss

4x spiral disrupter(from galor)
4x mkxii disruptors

Battle3k, neutr, rcs
Shield gen x3
Tac x3

Early results seem to work quite well bar the 2xeptw..
A couple of problems with your build:

1) APO 2 is a Commander level skill, you can only have APO 1 in the Lt Comm slot.
2) You don't have a Lt Comm Engineer station, only a Lt. So ES goes bye bye.
3) Get rid of RSP in your Comm Slot, get Aux to SIF 3 instead. I'd drop RSP to Lt slot and take EPTS 2 & 3 Instead.