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04-30-2012, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by cliftona91
I think their is an old saying that goes, "Hope for success, but prepare for failure" but I could be wrong.
Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Btw Jake I think you may have been trolled in that last one you posted! :p

I just finished a KASE run. Or more accurately I left before an inevitable failure.
Got in and I gave my now standard "time to rock and roll" in the old C&C commando voice .
No reply. Okay I thought let's go on they may have their volume turned down so we went on. I noticed they were all KDF and all members of the "Orion marauder girls" fleet. Oh and before I forget they were all orion women and all flying a bortas
I sighed, shrugged and went on. I was in my usual fleet escort captained by my tac called Tala. We moved up on the cube, with me being the last in. Surely those 4 in their big beefy bortas cruisers could handle tanking the tac cube for a few seconds even with their rainbow beams?
My hopes were in vain. During the 15 seconds between them engaging the tac cube and me catching up to them 3 of them had been destroyed. Three of them taken out nigh instantly! I was shocked, appalled and horrified all at the same time. Worse was yet to come as the instant I got within weapons range the borg ship decided to ignore the orion females in their implausibly poorly built cruisers and target me instead. I decided to disengage for a few seconds and line up for another run at it. This also had the side effect of allowing me to see if the last orion was any good. Sadly I never got that chance as the cube decided to ignore her entirely and started chasing me even though I was already out of weapons range.
"Lovely" I said to myself.
It appeared that I was the closest thing to a real tank in the match and I think that those 4 realised that I was surviving against the tac cube for far longer than the 4 of them combined. I think this because after this for the entire match I was also followed by them. All 4 of them.

"So what am I? Mother goose?!" was my initial reaction. No response. I typed this into the chat box. No response. I try zone chat in case they had their team chat off for some reason. No response. I even tried sending each one of them the same thing via PM and still I got no reply.

It was irritating to say the least. I was just about managing to hold the probes at bay but I simply could not find the time to make a run at the generators let alone the gates. I was too busy holding off all the probes from both sides single handedly with the 4 dead weights in tow. No matter where I went, what I did or what I said they simply followed me. I even tried letting some probes through just to see how they reacted which had no effect.

In the end I simply had enough and left. I wouldn't be surprised if they followed me through the exit too