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# 56 Criticize all you want...
04-30-2012, 03:36 PM
I entertain all criticism. However, criticism alone is not the call of action. Just because a producer has already determine by what method or system she will use to make her story to the public, does not mean other people cannot discuss or state why they disagree with that decision.

However, they have to accept that we past the point of the development as to what method we were going to use for Call of Cthulhu.

The only criticism we will use to make changes to the script is cosmetic changes, typos, and dialog issues.

The categories of characters, roles, plot points, settings, game mechanics (dice rolls, puzzles) costume design are not up for debate.

Thank you.

Changes we have made to Call of Cthulhu since this post has been up are:

1.We made corrects to typos that everyone has point out.
2. We fixed the tiling issue so people we not having seizures walking around Vulcan.
3. I added a object point to the map to help people find the over-walk to the shuttle easier.

One change we are working on, but won't be published until Sunday because I have final exams this week is we went in and readjusted the names of the NPC's to be the actual NPCs in Kaliena's crew.

Once we have their back stories more defined then we will change that out in Act 1 to Act 2 Scene 2.

That seem to confuse people as far as point of view or references. I agree that that can be confusing for people that are not reading the story thoroughly. So we are going to align that so it is all Kaliena's people now.

See, we do apply peoples criticism into the story, but we will not sacrifice the purpose of the actual novel. If we do that then we will turn are lovely lady of a Novel into a very cheap scenario or event that others author on the Foundry call stories.

I consider that selling out for popularity.