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04-30-2012, 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by buffout

I've been quite interested in torpboat myself for some time. As in process of gathering CP for B'rel i've planned to start with poor man's setup:

Breen set
3x rapid reload transphasic torps
1x cluster transphasic torps
2x transphasic mine
transphasic projectile damage tac consoles.

All either from mission or gathered as loot (nothing fancy as XII). Boff setup primally tac oriented since i didn't tag any science skills besides shield ones - with beta 3 dispersal (yes I know it sucks but still it's the only ships which it is not somewhat useless), omega I and 2x Tacteam 2x THighYeald. Scramble sensors, viral or GW - rest healskills.

Ker'rat is my point of destination - there gonna test it out - how much fun can be accomplished and how many feds rage . Only after that will take into consideration spending more on B'rel for already mentioned here build:
Aceton assimilation
Quantiums XI+
Topredo damage consoles
maybe harpeng

But that's a long way to go. Lastly anyone tried B'rel with reman set + plasma THY ? Any sense grinding vault missions?.
While the Breen set may be much easier to get, you're really hurting yourself by going with torps that will overlap on cooldowns as well as having lower burst damage. You want to hit their shields hard enough to bring them down quickly and then start to work on their hull, not rely on transphasics to do damage through their shields.

You should also ditch one instance of Tac Team. You shouldn't be uncloaked long enough to ever need two instances of it. If the problem is just that you don't have anything else to fill the ensign tac slot, swap out your second tac officer. The science abilities are far more useful. They can let you jam a target meaning they won't even see what's coming, give you Polarize Hull to keep you from being tractored (which also means you don't need AtP: Omega), and a lot more utility than you'll get out of tac. From tactical officers I'd say you more or less want torp buffs & that's it. Beta dispersal pattern is pretty questionable too given how mobile PVP tends to be. Gravity Well has never been useful to me except very rarely as a way to force someone to pop a movement cooldown, but even that's only marginally useful.

Keep checking your DOff missions to see if you can get a Hargh'peng. It has a long cooldown & doesn't work with torp buff skills, but it's still worth the slot. It hits hard, has its own cooldown, does radiation damage straight to their hull, and when that expires it hits them with a second explosion straight to their hull. That secondary explosion has been the killing blow for me often enough that I'm glad I picked it up.

One console you should definitely look at grabbing is the Barrier Field Generator from the Phalanx. When you get decloaked & have half a dozen ships chasing you, nothing's better at saving your squishy hull from going pop.