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04-30-2012, 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by Element_0
I've been on both sides of this one as of recent. The elite guide for STF players tells them to attack the cube. The current popular method for doing the run amidst a third of the game population wants people to do anything but. It's the one PUG run where confusion over what players should be doing reigns supreme because there is no mutual agreement over the right way. If you start telling some one that hasn't run enough to know what's up that the guide is wrong they are liable to think you a twit and perhaps rightfuly so based on the things people say do in an attempt to grief as of late in PUG runs...

If you want to improve your chances for a PUG winning talk over strategy at the start. No one ever does this though. However, it really doesn't matter HOW you do cure as long as everyone is working it together.

You want to go a step further and establish some agreement in the community? Great. Most people are too lazy to even think about writing a NEW Cure Space Elite guide to talk over in forum. Good luck. I look forward to seeing what you write.

Otherwise, you are just another whiny forum goer that reaps what they sew, moaning that everyone else is doing it wrong and not listening while every other player in the PUG is thinking the same thing about YOU... Frankly, I might fit this description too.

Chaos continues to reign and you are another minion, marching in its sweep.
I find your post a bit harsh. I sent the OP a tell in game and invited them to the EliteSTF channel. We made a team for Cure Space Elite and completed it successfully. The OP later told me they did it again and got the Prototype Tech, now has full Omega set.
Yes, we did discuss tactics before starting the private match. Always do. You are welcome to join us any time.