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Originally Posted by Liath
STO is still set in the prime time line and we are witnessing the aftermath of the hobus nova from the point of view of that universe etc - by going back in time spock/nero created and entered a parallel reality - which became the jjverse - remember someone (captain of the kelvin or pike?) told nero that Romulus still existed - in jjverse it does. in st/sto prime universe it doesnt. in jjverse vulcan doesnt exist because nero destroyed it. in sto prime universe vulcan survived.
time travel... not for everyone...

Hobus went supernova and the explosion tunneled into subspace because of a rare minieral that was mined in the system. This caused the shock wave to travel at FTL speeds and give Romulus months instead of decades to deal it it. Spock and Nero tried to stop it with Red Matter. They went into the past and spawned and alternate universe, Abhramsverse

This is an OPEN-time travel mechanism. So, the past that Spock and Nero went into in the Abramsverse has NO relation to the Prime universe. From the opening credits on, that movie was in a separate reality from the Prime universe. The ONLY history that the Prime universe and the Abhramsverse share is everything BEFORE the birth of James Kirk. Thus, Cochrene, the NX Enterprise, Temporal cold war, Third world war, and Khan being frozen in space is all the same. But everything AFTER that incursion point is different.

The destruction of Vulcan happened int he Abrams verse,

Romulus was destroyed in Prime.

STO takes place in Prime universe.

Thus, Romulus is destroyed and the Vulcans are still doing pon farrs on their ancestral homes... in game...

Seriously people, who did you have for temporal mechanics at the Academy???