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04-30-2012, 09:12 PM
KASE with my sci klink in Vo carrier.

Noticed that the tac cube took forever to kill so I was a bit worried. Was going to go right but saw two others going that way so I went left and started beating on probes. Took down two of the transfomers to spawn cube but was far enough away it just swatted at my fighters and took down the second set of probes. This is where I noticed two really bad things, a cruiser was trying to 'help' with the probes and doing no noticeable damage. In addition someone just died trying to solo a cube. So I finish off the cube and start working on the generator while helping the silly cruiser to kill probes as he couldn't handle two at a time. Once the generator was gone I went up and killed the cube that kept killing the other guy with full knowledge that probes were going to get threw but I didn't care at that point. I was hoping the other side was faring better even though they only had two people so I head over there to take a look.

Not a single thing has been destroyed, they are both killing probes.

A probe got past, we were already 10 minutes in. I left.

I feel bad for leaving cause maybe one of those people were decent but I just couldn't take it.