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05-01-2012, 02:08 AM
Well that's pretty much what I found out after completing the gear. Never really had more than one torp or a mine launcher on any of my ships so I didn't really knew how this stuff works. That's also why I was so eager to finally try it out.

What I got is instead of hit&run ship a torpedo constant firing slugger. With some torpedo reload Doffs I was able to toss that lemon every 2 - 4 seconds ^^. My ship didn't even cloak couse the firing rate was almost like energy weapon. Bummer.


Breen set
1xtransphasic / chroniton
1xquantium / tricobalt
1x cluster transphasic torps
2x transphasic mine
transphasic projectile damage tac consoles.

The bright side is this stuff is dirt cheap in exchange. Especially mines, but no surprises here concidering how useless they are. Havng spare XI KGH set I'll most likely switch to full torp setup with torp damage consoles... sigh. Well to bad couse dispersal beta III looks really impressive ^^.

The question is can i drop standard shield consoles and get something like flowcaps, partickles or countermeasures consoles?