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05-01-2012, 02:14 AM
Slightly off-topic (I guess) - but had a really challenging IS normal earlier - queued for it, and myself, a Fleet Escort, and a Bortas appeared. An Oddy and a Prometheus appeared too but the latter two both bailed two mintues into the mission leaving only myself and the aforementioned two ships.

Message comes in from one of the other players - "Think we can do this with only three players". Myself and the other player agreed that it was worth a shot, and continued. I took the probes whilst the other two concentrated on the transformers etc. Unfortunately I did let the team down somewhat, as we failed the optional as a result of one of the probes managing to enter the gate before I could finish it off. Thankfully reinforcements arrived in the shape of two more players, one flying a Defiant and the other a Dreadnought - they really helped mop up the probes, and the mission ran a little more smoothly thereafter.