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05-01-2012, 05:45 AM
When I first started playing and the first time this event came up I was REALLY excited. How more perfect could it get than having one of the more different and destructive non-humanoid entities from ST.

Pretty, Shiny, Terrorizing, what more of a unique diversity of qualities could you possibly ask for....oh yeah that you could actually possibly kill the thing.

After about 5 minutes I realized how much of a nightmare this event was, and 3 (yes 3) hours later I finally left after realizing the other people that stayed where just farming. All the guides, walk-throughs and preparation is meaningless unless you're in a very organized group or a fleet.

Out of all the whining that goes on in the forums about something being unbalanced and over powered this is by far the number 1 on that list, or at least it should be. There is a huge difference between something being achievable with a lot of determination and something so difficult that it's not even worth trying.

This really needs a redo and it's about time that that happens. The special events are getting really boring, you can only do Defera or Mirror so many times and a redo / release of this event would be a great way and relatively easy way to give us something old but new that wouldn't require a lot of attention.